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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
If he has Riopel over Bobrovsky, then there's an IMMEDIATE red flag thrown up there in my mind.

No offense to him. A good portion of his list looks very good. You just need to realize that he's not the end all, be all. I understand you think he knows more about goalie prospects than me, and admittedly if he spends enough time watching these players and compiling a master list than he probably does.

However, just like when TSN released a team defense rankings a bit ago saying that the Capitals and Penguins had the best two defenses in the NHL, there are supposedly "astute" and "flawless" sources that just make you sit back, take a look around, and drop a huge "wtf."

Some of the players on that board being where they are makes me drop a "wtf." Goldman and his professionalism can think whatever they want.

I'm not perfect. HF isn't perfect. We will try our best, and we will do the research to bring readers the very best and most accurate information we possibly can. Goldman is only human as well.

Honestly, I was hoping to get both Rynnas and Bobrovsky this offseason and let Backlund go. I like Backlund, but having Rynnas back up Bobrovsky in the AHL would be awesome.

I will tell you this though. Rynnas put up poor numbers in the FNL before becoming a "late-bloomer" so to speak. He's also 23 right now coming off two strong years (one was spent in the U-20 in 2007-08, then in 2008-09 he was moved all around so his numbers aren't much of a standpoint, and in 2009-10 he put up great numbers in his first year in the SM-Liiga) and a number of subpar/mediocre years before that.

Bobrovsky is only 21, two years younger, and has been putting up a strong showing in the KHL for 3 years now (since he was 18). He's been performing as well on a worse team in a stronger league than Rynnas. He's been doing it more consistently, and he's younger so he has much more of a developmental curve available to him in NA (the longer a player stays in a non-NA league, the harder it is for him to adjust).

The thing most scouts liked about Rynnas is his size. He was hinted by a lot of the media as the second "Monster" to go to Toronto. That said, he doesn't come without his flaws. Size is pretty much the biggest, if not only reason, he's rated so highly. He comes with some solid talent, but you can't coach size.

Bobrovsky is 3" smaller but is much more athletic. He's a quicker goalie with stronger lateral movement, but again, he gives up a bit in the size department only being 6'1.

Will do.

By the way, your avatar is awesome.
hey Chris,

I see your points all along.

what you should not forget is that you are calling guys by their age, yet what we should really focus on is their year of birth - bobrovsky is 1988 and rynnas is 1987 which doesnt make them too different from each other.

I definitely wouldnt call Rynnas a late bloomer. Out of all people you should know that in Scandinavia young players get the protective umbrella much longer than in other parts of the world.

Until last season, when he was terrific, Rynnas played in juniors and then in the the third division of Finnish hockey with Assat juniors which was none of his fault, but was just part of the development program common to the part of the world (see your Eriksson).

I don't get what you mean by saying 'Rynnas put up poor numbers in the FNL before becoming a "late-bloomer" so to speak.' - as I said until last (terrific) season he never had a chance to play at theSM-liiga level, at which, when given the opportunity last year (when I had the chance to see him live) he thrived.

The whol conclusion of this discussion though, should be that you love your prospect, and we do love ours. And we shouldnt let the media get in between.

cheers mate

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