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07-11-2010, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
Finally the Sens make up for the Hossa-Zultek fiasco and get a '67 in the organization.

I don't think it's likely he will play in Ottawa though if he gets one of those quarter million ahl contracts. Perhaps someone that has dared wade through the lawyered to death cba monstrosity could confirm, but there was a time that any ahl'er that made over something like $75k a year had to go through waivers to be called up or something. I know the AHL players appealed it, but i dont know where is stands now. It might prevent him playing for us though.
i've gone through it a couple of times, iirc players paid a certain ahl salary (i believe its higher, something like 125k) and who have a certain amount of pro experience (cannot recall the number, but i'm sure locke qualifies) do not have to clear RECALL waivers, but they still have to clear waivers on the way down. If some team wants locke on their NHL team after the preseason, they can still grab him. Players like Brodeur and St. Pierre were in this category last year.

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