Thread: Speculation: The Preds' "Huge" Move
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07-11-2010, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
except - with the exclusion or exception of (courtesy of Merriam Webster) .... so by your admission, if he wants to exclude mediocrity then Legwand is his guy.

For a guy who doesn't work on a scoring line, he was the team's leading scorer in the playoffs.
In the playoffs it's usually the unsung player that does well which isn't really an indicator of the player's talent or ability. It's more or less luck and the playing on the third line you don't get the team's best defensive pairings. But something overlooked is that he lost the puck in game 2 that led to Kane scoring.
The Preds will never win in the playoffs with Legwand. He is the albatross of this franchise They can't move on from him. Instead of building the team around him they should build the team without him. All the Legwand lovers says he is one of the best defensive center in the league. I've never heard anyone on other hockey sites speak of Legwand in those terms. He has never won the Selke. I've never heard of him even being nominated. If you look at his career numbers (13-2000-01, 13-01-02,11-02-03,17-03-04, 18-04-05, strike-05-06, 27-06-07,15-07-08,20-08-09,11-09-10.Since Kariya left Legwand has scored 15 -20-11 goals. That one year appears to be fluke. When this team scrapes for every dollar they can't afford for their top salaried center to put up those kinds of numbers. The one year he scored But we are stuck with him for 4 more years. If he was a FA this year his value would be for 3ml and I'm being somewhat generous considering his age for being a checking line center.

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