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07-12-2010, 08:50 AM
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how about 90% skating....
practice your first three steps. do workout geared to build up strength in your upper legs.
squats jumps ,etc...

practice skating at top speed and turning directions ...over and over again. changing directions efficiently is a main key to being in postion . if it takes you half the ice to turn,or switch direction, you'll be standing alone while the play goes on down the ice.this meansd you need to learn to transfer your weight ( hips,hips,hips,) and be light on your blades.

stops/starts. with both feet.then with one foot in each direction. skate fast stop /change direction. do it again.
got a flag or scoreboard in your arena? ( if not something else that doesnt move)face it EVERYTIME you stop. go up and down the ice facing that flag EVERYTIME. so your stopping on BOTH sides .

if you can accelerrate decent, and stop /change directions on a dime, your ready to get better at everything else. and it'll help you get better much quicker.
and VERY important get a good guy to do your skates. a decent rocker/edge means TONS to a new skater.
how big are you?

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