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Originally Posted by trtaylor View Post
Lots of good advice here. Don't be afraid to mix it up some.

And look around at S&P and you'll probably see at least one other person with about your same skills. Ask if they'd like to do some passing.

I'm in an adult clinic and most of the group have better skating skills than me. But, over half the passes I received in one drill (not moving) where at my feet, not on my stick.

You're not going to be a great stick handler right away. At least be able to make a good pass. And receive one.

No matter what, have fun.
I love my adult clinic for this reason! I'm not terrible at receiving a 'good' pass, but I have a lot of trouble with bad passes. I LOVE working on passing with people that are worse then me. It helps both of us so much, because I have to pass a lot more accurately for them to catch it, and I have to work harder to stop their bouncy pucks/pucks at my feet, etc. and of course they're working on something they need too.

Quick edit: I mean this for "regular" passing. When I'm trying to work on something more advanced like saucer passes, I tend to work with someone above my skill level so they can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I try to do the same for the people worse then me when we're doing those "regular" passing drills. Seems to benefit everyone this way.

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