Thread: Confirmed with Link: Hawks match offer sheet for HJALMARSSON
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07-12-2010, 03:50 PM
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What do you think the odds were going into the draft that the Hawks would've been able to trade him for the Sharks's (or any team's) first and third round draft picks even IF he was under contract for the coming 4 years. I'd say not very likely. So, now, all of a sudden, Chicago thinks he's worth $3.5 MM per year Plus the cost of buying out other players!? I think that's crazy. He's a good young defenceman but he's not worth that much of a cap hit, in my opinion, both in terms of his cost plus the costs to the organization of either buying out other contracts or burying them in the minors.

Simply put, I think the Blackhawks are just trying to save face in light of a near total dismantling of their championship team. To me, this is similar (of course, not without a Cup) as Buffalo deciding to match Edmonton's offer sheet to Vanek a couple years ago not too long after losing Briere and Drury to free agency. Would anyone even dream of giving up a first and third pick for Vanek now plus the money? I don't think so. Bowman is just looking like another little man with an ego too big for his brain to do what's right.

So, folks, the multi-million dollar question of the Habs (and us) is: forget about the money for a second - is Carey Price worth losing in exchange for a first and third round pick?

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