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07-12-2010, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by thedoctor View Post
Great find, thanks for sharing.
Yeah, I thought it was in keeping with the lack of movement the AVs have made. We've got some young great kids and while a true stud locked up for a few years would make some sense at this point I think the AVs believe their might be another hard negotiation between the Players Union and the Owners. The fallout of the salary cap really hurt the AVs both on the ice as well as from a media stand-point. Tugeon and Brisbois for Forsberg and Foote? At that point in time? Please...

I don't think the NHL will survive if there's another blackout, but I do believe an international league could evolve with several countries hosting leagues that offer their best up to an international tourney yearly.

Canada, US, Russia, and whatever you want to break down the other European countries into....

I'm not saying I'd like to see it, but if there is another lockout, I can't see the NHL coming back as we know it. If there is another lockout, I'm going back to college hockey and as my bread and butter. Four years max doesn't give a player a lot a time to break a heart.

I might sound pessimistic, but the owners got their salary cap a few years ago and look what they've done with player salaries since...they simply can't help themselves. GMs and owners acting like GMs are handing out contracts with dollars and years like there is no tomorrow...which I believe will be the future of the NHL if this continues. There will be no tomorrow. Best situation for the NHL would be a no-stoppage deal that includes a "Franchise Player" clause that allows each team one player that does not count against the cap, in addition there should be no guaranteed contracts (imagine a mini-UFA day every Oct 5th when every team releases its final roster) and there should be no penalties to teams poaching RFAs. Either a team matches or they don' penalties involved. Make the GMs well, you for a change.

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