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07-12-2010, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Nuck Off View Post
Agree with your post for the most part but respectfully disagree with the bolded part. Tanner Glass and Rick Rypien are battling for 2 completely different spots on the 4th line. Glass for a spot on LW and Rypien for a spot at either RW or C. IMO as of right now it's out of Hordichuk and Glass for the 4th line LW and 2 of Rypien, Oreskovich, Bolduc or Perrault to fill out RW and C.

All in all, as a Canucks fan, it's not a bad thing when we're in the summer and debating about who's going to get between 0-5 minutes of icetime per game for our team.
If it's between those players only for our fourth line it's going to suck. Personally I hope Gillis gets another center and another third line winger before the start of season. Can use Bieksa and O'Brien as bait. You need at least 4 legit NHL centers going into the season. No more Tommy Santala's (Perreault).

I think Rypien and Glass are pretty interchangable (Rypien is not a centre in the NHL). Oreskovich sounds like a similar player. I would think the three of them are competing for two spots. Who wins out likely depends on the third line winger I'm assuming Gillis is still looking to add.

Hordichuk needs to go. Let other teams dress their goons. They play 5 minutes or less. I don't mind goons too much if they actually win fights, but Darcy's become a punching bag. I fail to see any value in that.

To me, ideally Gillis is shaping the roster so that Hodgson and Schroeder have to significantly outplay an established player to open the season in the NHL. After last season you'd be well beyond the bounds of foolish to pencil Hodgson in an NHL lineup. If he dominates in preseason and forces Gillis to reevaluate, that's a nice problem to have. If he shows he's still not quite ready for prime time and you were counting on him, well that's a ****** problem to have. Same for Schroeder. Neither player project as automatic superstars in the NHL as top three picks, so starting in the AHL shouldn't be an issue.

Don't take this personally, but every summer for last I don't know how many ****ing seasons I have seen that EXACT same quote. 'If we're worrying about fourth liners, that's a good thing...blah blah'. Only to watch the fourth line go out and be hemmed in their own zone shift after shift, game after game, season after season. This doesn't mean I want an offensive fourth line. I want to see an effective fourth line. Generates hits, momentum, draws penalties. Not barely scrape by the skin of their teeth against average teams, and get completely dominated by the deep teams. Getting another legit NHL center would help that quite a bit.

As for the poster whining melodramatically about losing toughness, grow up. There's a pretty obvious difference between spare forwards like Rypien/Glass who struggle when the pace picks up against top competition, and going after players who are tough AND legit NHL players otherwise. Glass couldn't keep up in the playoffs at all and Rypien struggled mightily.

And it's not like I said to drop all of them, just one of the three similar guys. Big ****ing deal. One less 14th forward middleweight to use. There goes the Cup.

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