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Originally Posted by LostMyGlasses View Post
Let me blow your mind and tell you why AV puts Glass on the third line:

When the going got rough last year, which inevitably it always will, we need some extra jam on the third line. While Glass wasn't the optimal choice for this, he was the coaching staffs only viable option. The general manager didn't give the coaching staff the tools necessary to create the kind of third line necessary to make some room on the ice.

Is this Glass' fault?No. Would any similar player be put in the same position? Yes.
Actually there was another option in Hansen at the time (i'm not talking about the start of the year but rather after Hansen recovered). Instead often time Glass was placed ahead of Hansen for no reason (that i could tell at all) beside the fact AV seems to really like Glass instead of watching Hansen produce a bit of offense here and there.

Its not Glass's fault at all, its just one of those things with AV who keeps putting player out of place just because he really seems to like their play. Remember Pyatt with the twins forever?

Originally Posted by Waveburner View Post
If it's between those players only for our fourth line it's going to suck. Personally I hope Gillis gets another center and another third line winger before the start of season. Can use Bieksa and O'Brien as bait. You need at least 4 legit NHL centers going into the season. No more Tommy Santala's (Perreault).

I think Rypien and Glass are pretty interchangable (Rypien is not a centre in the NHL). Oreskovich sounds like a similar player. I would think the three of them are competing for two spots. Who wins out likely depends on the third line winger I'm assuming Gillis is still looking to add.

Hordichuk needs to go. Let other teams dress their goons. They play 5 minutes or less. I don't mind goons too much if they actually win fights, but Darcy's become a punching bag. I fail to see any value in that.

To me, ideally Gillis is shaping the roster so that Hodgson and Schroeder have to significantly outplay an established player to open the season in the NHL. After last season you'd be well beyond the bounds of foolish to pencil Hodgson in an NHL lineup. If he dominates in preseason and forces Gillis to reevaluate, that's a nice problem to have. If he shows he's still not quite ready for prime time and you were counting on him, well that's a ****** problem to have. Same for Schroeder. Neither player project as automatic superstars in the NHL as top three picks, so starting in the AHL shouldn't be an issue.

Don't take this personally, but every summer for last I don't know how many ****ing seasons I have seen that EXACT same quote. 'If we're worrying about fourth liners, that's a good thing...blah blah'. Only to watch the fourth line go out and be hemmed in their own zone shift after shift, game after game, season after season. This doesn't mean I want an offensive fourth line. I want to see an effective fourth line. Generates hits, momentum, draws penalties. Not barely scrape by the skin of their teeth against average teams, and get completely dominated by the deep teams. Getting another legit NHL center would help that quite a bit.

As for the poster whining melodramatically about losing toughness, grow up. There's a pretty obvious difference between spare forwards like Rypien/Glass who struggle when the pace picks up against top competition, and going after players who are tough AND legit NHL players otherwise. Glass couldn't keep up in the playoffs at all and Rypien struggled mightily.

And it's not like I said to drop all of them, just one of the three similar guys. Big ****ing deal. One less 14th forward middleweight to use. There goes the Cup.
This is the time you pencil in Hogs... if he doesn't make the team, it will effect him quite badly mentally and create quite a huge problem for us. Does it mean we should put him on the team if he doesn't deserve to be? Of course not but we should try to put him in the best possible position to make the team.

I agree that Hordi needs to go. He doesn't fight a whole lot and he doesn't win them most of the time either. If he isn't fighting, he really isn't a great hockey player. Ripper does a much better job and actually wins most (if not all) his fights plus is more complete. He isn't a really good center but he is a natural center. If he works on his FOs, he shouldn't be too bad as a 4th line center.

As for the 4th line being hammered in, i agree, thats something that isn't ideal and happened too often last year. The cause of that problem? As bad as it sounds, it seems to be Ryan Johnson who is a very brave player that leaves everything on the ice but he always seems to play in his own end even 5 on 5. When he was out, we actually weren't trapped as often or as long when the 4th line was on the ice. Is there actually any player we can bring in who would, in theory, guarantee us from being trapped in our own zone? Is there a guarantee that all the players we have who compete for the 4th line spot doesn't get us out of our own zone? It wouldn't be a bad idea for MG to get more players to compete for jobs... as competition just forces everyone to up their game if they want to make the team.

Yes some of the players we have aren't proven but no player starts out being a proven NHLer. It takes time for them to prove themselves and if they win the spot over competition during training camp, then they proved the deserve a chance. If all else fails, remember we have the trade deadline to try and re-do our 4th line. This year it doesn't look like defense will be an issue (that said last year it didn't seem like an issue either but this year looks even better), the top 6 is a lot more set than heading into last year and even the 3rd line looks better. That means the only thing we might need to worry about come deadline time = 4th line. If we are in very good shape and keep our cap hit nice by rolling 600k players on the 4th line, guess what, we can then afford 3rd liners to play on our 4th line in the playoffs and we seem to have the assets to do that this year (having i believe all our picks for 2011).

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