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Originally Posted by denkiteki View Post
Actually there was another option in Hansen at the time (i'm not talking about the start of the year but rather after Hansen recovered). Instead often time Glass was placed ahead of Hansen for no reason (that i could tell at all) beside the fact AV seems to really like Glass instead of watching Hansen produce a bit of offense here and there.

Its not Glass's fault at all, its just one of those things with AV who keeps putting player out of place just because he really seems to like their play. Remember Pyatt with the twins forever?
I never really understood that either. Hansen would play well for a stretch and score some key goals, and then all of a sudden he'd be out of the lineup... For some reason he just can't seem to get out of the coach's doghouse. Once AV decides he likes someone he sticks with the guy no matter what, I guess. Even if it clearly wasn't working. It was the same issue with Demitra on the point during power plays too. And we would all wonder why on earth he was still putting him out there. AV seems like a pretty decent coach, but IMO needs to get better at recognizing when changes have to be made, and realizing them quick enough for those changes to be effective. Including in-game situations too, not just after we've lost the game already. Otherwise we won't win in the playoffs with him behind the bench.

Originally Posted by denkiteki View Post
I agree that Hordi needs to go. He doesn't fight a whole lot and he doesn't win them most of the time either. If he isn't fighting, he really isn't a great hockey player. Ripper does a much better job and actually wins most (if not all) his fights plus is more complete. He isn't a really good center but he is a natural center. If he works on his FOs, he shouldn't be too bad as a 4th line center.
I like Rypien on the wing actually. Granted, his FO prowess isn't that good but his speed and his size would be a better fit on the wing. He can actually make some nice plays sometimes and I'd like to see more of that from him. He can roof 'em from in close too.

Originally Posted by denkiteki View Post
As for the 4th line being hammered in, i agree, thats something that isn't ideal and happened too often last year. The cause of that problem? As bad as it sounds, it seems to be Ryan Johnson who is a very brave player that leaves everything on the ice but he always seems to play in his own end even 5 on 5. When he was out, we actually weren't trapped as often or as long when the 4th line was on the ice. Is there actually any player we can bring in who would, in theory, guarantee us from being trapped in our own zone? Is there a guarantee that all the players we have who compete for the 4th line spot doesn't get us out of our own zone? It wouldn't be a bad idea for MG to get more players to compete for jobs... as competition just forces everyone to up their game if they want to make the team.
Having a veteran centre who can PK and win FO's would be your best bet. Maybe someone like Eric Belanger. Jim Slater actually sounded like a good option too before he re-signed with Atlanta, unfortunately. But at the same time you have to have competition for that spot, and maybe someone younger like Bolduc or Bliznak could win it. I could Bolduc winning that spot actually as long he works hard, stays healthy throughout training camp and avoids any fights. Wrecking his shoulder again would not be such a good thing for his career.

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