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Originally Posted by GuitarAwesome View Post
I'll add a few that I know as well.

Synergy Elite(silver shaft, blue writing) - Was the highest end stick or Easton's last year, until the new S-series was developed. Extremely durable, nice weight, great stick all around.
Synergy Elite Grip (silver stick, red writing) - Same thing, just with a little grip. For some reason I find this stick worse than the normal SE. I'm crazy though.
Synergy S17 - New Elliptical shaft design, is one of the more expensive sticks out there, is insanely light and whippy. However, this badboy will break in a heartbeat. We used to get them for free, and still, no one would use them.
Synergy SL - Like the ST, less durability, a little whippy, still a good stick for the price.
SL wasn't like the ST at all.

05 Stealth, CNT Stealth, S17(elliptical), S19(elliptical) - "Elite" stick performance line, or at least price
Fused TFlex = OG Synergy, 2nd-gen Synergy... Synergy ST, ST, ST, ST - Started as top of the line. Due to changing tech(in other lines) now it's the durable, high performing stick.
Easton SL, SE, SE16 - Lightweight top of the line Synergy. Less weight = less durability

The SL had bad breakage issues, they toughened up the heel and called it the SE. Virtually the same stick.

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