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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
I had a feeling you were making one as I was posting that.... but was surprised there wasnt one already assembled by the team or a blogger. It seems its SK8 or bust! Yes I did see the great free agent list you and Langway compiled and sorted by group, and know that was the hard one to assemble. Thanks.
Nope, I wasn't putting one together but pieces were posted in this thread. If you had asked last night, you would have gotten more detail, lol. The team does not release a roster with FA invites, let along which group players are in, too funny.

Again, the caveats: positions not always accurate, but these were the jersey combos yesterday. Players sometimes switch groups, etc.

Group A

Red: Cullen, Kuznetsoz, Forfar
White: Woods, Gustafsson, Cherniwchan
Green: DellaRovere, Hauswirth, de Kastrozza
Gray: Wiles, DeSimone, Eakin

Dmen: Bond, Carrier, Finley, Flemming, Jank, Orov, Ruel, Yadlowski

Goalies: Dunn and Holtby

Group B

Red: Miele, Alexander, Pisano
White: Burt, Johansson, Galiev
Green: Mitchell, Bruess MacLeod
Gray: LeFrancois Burke Herbert

Dmen: Cullity, Davis, Lowery, Miskovic, Sotnieks, Spinell, Stevenson, Wey

Goalies: Enzukens, Grubauer, Nelson

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