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Originally Posted by UAGoalieGuy View Post
This was proposed by a Hawks fan on the main trade board:

Redden and Gilroy for Campbell, CHI 2011 1st, and ATL 2011 2nd.

Campbell makes about $700K move then Redden and his deal extends one year longer. Campbell averaged 23 minutes a game and put up 38 points with 7 goals (Also was a +18). 11 of those 38 points were on the PP. It would also give the Rangers 2 first round picks in 2011 and 3 second round picks in 2011 as well.

Would you guys do it? I'd consider it but the extra year is killer in my eyes.
If I were to evaluate the different pieces of this deal it would be liket this (the ratings are all relative):

Redden = -10
Gilroy = +1
Total = -9

Campbell = -5
1st round pick = +2
2nd round pick + 1
Total = -2

Explanation: Redden is beyond atrocious guys. He has such negative value its scary. Gilroy was really bad last year. If that play carries over he and his 1.75 mil should be off the team next year. I dont consider him much of an asset because his play was just not top 6 caliber at all and hes not that cheap.

Campbell obviously is overpaid but the guy is still an impactful player. All you have to do is look at the points, time on ice, and power play numbers to know that he is nowhere near Redden incompetent. However (even though he just won a cup) you dont build your team with a 7 mil dman who is good but not a superstar. As for the draft picks, they are nice picks but not enough to counteract Campbells negative value. If Chicago came to us and said we'll give you Campbell and the two picks for a box of donuts I would decline the offer (as evidence by the -2 total rating).

Overall, Ill just say whoever came up with this proposal does not understand just how big of an albatross Wade Redden is. Good job Sather. Hallelujah!

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