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Originally Posted by Oilers89
lol. Everybody has injuries. Edmonton didn't even have one single player that played in every game. They had key players out for extended games. Don't give me the excuse becuase of injuries you were that far behind.
that's nice, but we were up there with LA and phoenix. i thank smokeyclause for doing the work for me, but you could examine this, and tell me how your injuries were as bad as ours were. ours were...absolutely ridiculous. sometimes as many as NINE guys out, including our entire top line

Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
Here were our injuries

Preseason -

Hartnell misses almost entire preseason with groin injury
Eaton misses almost entire preseason with broken nose
Grimson missed entire season/preseason with PCS

October -

15th - Scott Walker misses 17 games with torn rib cartilage
15th - Denis Pederson misses 3 games with groin injury
22nd - Greg Johnson misses 44 games with concussion
30th - Yachmenev misses 18 games with broken right thumb

November -

6th - Denis Pederson misses 6 games with torn left bicep tendon
7th - Andy Delmore misses 5 games with shoulder stinger
10th - Dominic Pittis misses 45 games with concussion
10th - Kimmo Timonen misses 2 games with ankle bruise
16th - Wyatt Smith misses 5 with shoulder bruise
27th - Denis Pederson misses 3 games with neck strain
29th - Andreas Johansson misses 3 games with separated shoulder

December -

3rd - Mark Eaton misses 5 games with knee injury
5th - Mike Dunham misses 3 games with strained groin
21st - Brent Gilchrist misses 1 game with ankle injury
23rd - Vitali Yachmenev misses 2 games with strained chest muscle
23rd - Vladimir Orszagh misses 3 games with pulled rib muscle

January -

4th - Scott Walker misses 2 games with neck strain
6th - Denis Pederson misses 24 games with a Mild concussion
6th - Kimmo Timonen misses 7 games with Calf contusion
14th - Tomas Vokoun misses 1 game with flu
14th - Scott Walker misses 3 games with sprained knee
18th - Brent Gilchrist misses 10 games with Back injury
21st - Andreas Johansson misses one game with influenza

February -

15th - Andreas Johansson misses 13 games with Bruised hip/Strained groin
25th - Denis Arkhipov missed 1 game with bruised shoulder

March -

1st - David Legwand misses 18 games with broken collarbone
6th - Reid Simpson misses 12 games with back spasms/shoulder/knee/head
12th - Andy Delmore misses 2 games with wrist injury
20th - Andy Delmore misses 1 game with wrist injury
22nd - Brent Gilchrist misses 5 games with shoulder injuryy
23rd - Todd Warriner misses 2 games with concussion
23rd - Andreas Johansson misses 4 games with wrist/back spasms
31st - Vladimir Orszagh misses 1 game with bruised shoulder

April -

4/1/03 - Wade Flaherty misses 3 games with groin injury
4/4/03 - Andreas Johansson misses 2 games with hip injury
4/6/03 - Todd Warriner missse 1 game with concussion

Bold indicates first line offensive or defensive players and starting goalies and captain.

I created this from various sources so all you plaigarism mongers can just kiss my ass

As a sidenote, notice how many times Gilchrist and Pederson end up on this list. Wonder why they aren't with us anymore

it's not even comparable.

as far as "is scott hartnell better than comrie," i never said that. i said that at the moment, he's worth a bit more than hemsky. now...would *I* rather have comrie than hartnell? no. i'll take a power forward over a small scorer any day. hartnell is only showing signs of getting better, and i think that when all is said and done, he'll be a 25-30 goal guy. He's certainly making a case in preseason, having scored a goal in every game he played in...2 of them were VERY pretty breakaways. but...that's all a matter of opinion.


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