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07-13-2010, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Marshall View Post

I am certainly learning the considerable downside of Twitter when following the Caps dev-camp list.

Some girl is moaning about how tired she is and she wishes she was at dev camp. Someone moaning about being bruised from moving. Another person yesterday solicited several e-hugs by saying they are depressed and might start crying at any moment.

Shut. The. ****. Up. I'm trying to keep up with Development Camp, not your feelings. If you're going to be on the dev-camp list, talk about dev camp. Otherwise piss off.

And the Caps are not blameless in this, either. Need to use a little discretion there, fellas.

/end aside.
You probably need to remove some people from your Twitter Follow, at least temporarily.

My list remains fairly clean, although it does get a little spammed sometimes with people posting irrelevant information.

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