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07-13-2010, 01:20 PM
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Being a little kid, growing up here in Duluth MN. 3 hours away from the Met, my parents being some what strapped for cash never took me to any North Star games. But it didn't stop me from becoming one of their #1 fans. I remember most nights when Mom thought I was in bed sleeping, I'd have my little AM radio on with the single little ear jack in my ear, so Mom wouldn't hear me listening to the games instead of sleeping.

She would give me a few quarters for a can of pop when I'd leave to go play little league baseball, and instead of buying pop, I'd "waste it, as she would put it" on buying a pack or two of Hockey Cards.

Playing hockey with a few of my friends pretending I was Gilles Meloche making all the big saves, just as he did every night.

Watching every game that rarely got televised up here in Duluth with my father making mental pictures in my head what every player looked like, and what numbers they wore, how they skated and played. So when I had to listen on the radio I'd better be able to picture in my mind the game, as All Shaver gave me all the play by play.

Ok I'll stop boring you now. It is nice to remember and talk about the past tho. Good for the soul.

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