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07-13-2010, 01:51 PM
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Let me speak a few words about George Steinbrenner. He's was a criminal, twice banned from MLB. He was abrasive, a pain in the ass to work for, and the ultimate foil for the Red Sox. He was hatable but I do not write these words today for that reason. He was everything the Red Sox needed. For every great story you must have a bad guy to make a good guy. For the Yanks it was the Sox. For the Sox it was Steinbrenner. The man earned his money in shipping and building convoy ships during WWII, honorably. He was the ultimate symbol for owners gone bad firing Billy Martin so many times the man became an alcoholic. He is the stepping stone for owners to misbehave, But the SOB wanted to win so badly. You HAD to admire that. The dimmest light becomes a sun in the darkest of days. It's because of George's darkness we have the contrast to see his light. He was a phenomenal contributor to the Jimmy Fund for Cancer research, the Red Sox's home charity. When Red Sox pitcher John Lester was diagnosed with cancer it was Steinbrenner who was the only person outside the Red Sox family who gave any consideration to him, giving a bounty of flowers so large it was almost impossible to place them in his room.

With Rivalry comes respect. We loathe the Yankees but we also need them and love them at the same time. As Red Sox fans we needed a rallying point to drive the metaphorical knife deeper and deeper. He was that point. But it was George who left the lights on in Yankees Stadium to let the Sox fans party of the Yankee's soil after the heart ripping defeat of the cursed enemy. He was competitive yes but there was an understanding, the story of the Yankees and the story of the Red Sox are intertwined in the same fabric of life. As much as George Steinbrenner's death is a blow to the Yankees it is as much of a blow to the Red Sox. Who will replace the massive contributions to the Jimmy Fund? Who will fill the vacuum of emotion between Boston and NY? Who will be the dark cloud the Red Sox hunt to find a silver lining on?

The man wasn't a saint, but who the hell is?

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