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07-13-2010, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Shelley is far less useful, but the Meszaros trade is costing us a hell of a lot more and having a hell of a lot more ramifications.

Shelley could actually fill the role of 13th forward well, his cap hit just sucks. Even despite the fact that his cap hit does suck, it's still only 1.1 mil. That's only about 300k more then any decent 13th forward would cost.

Meszaros doesn't really have a useful role on this team because we already had four top-four d-men before we traded for him. So now he's just kind of excess.

A cap hit of 4 mil is also a hell of a lot tougher to fit into a team then 1.1 mil. If you think about it, Meszaros' cap hit is probably going to cost us whoever we end up trading to get under the cap (let's just say it's Gagne). So, in the end, Meszaros is likely going to end up costing Gagne (or whoever else gets traded) plus our only 2nd rounder and maybe our shot at signing an actual starter. That sucks balls.
Yeah, we should have just rolled with an O'Donnell-type and Bartulis (hell, we should have re-signed Parent...cuz Hamhuis was equally overkill on D if you're not going to move one of Carle/Coburn). Then our third pairing is nice and cheap, you have some space under the cap... and you can look for a deadline acquisition to help out the third pairing if it falters.

'Course, we also shouldn't have signed Leighton when we did, so really it remains an idiotic offseason.

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