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07-13-2010, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
For how cheap I would expect Powe to be (cheaper than the college kids), I'd prefer to have him signed. If he doesn't make the team, or gets outplayed... waive him. His hands aren't great, but he hits and hustles and chips in some goals... and is improving. He's also a quality PKer.
Eh? I'm guessing they'd be around the same amount. Testwuide is at .900 (including bonuses), Holmstrom would be .75.

The problem (again) is that Homer has absolutely no plan here. With the money he gave Shelley, I assumed Shelley would be a 4th line wing. But now we're resigning Carcillo, but we're also going to try to have 3 scoring lines.

But we just saw that although Carcillo can be useful, he can't consistently play on a scoring line, he's not an Upshall even. We could have gone 1 of 2 directions here...

1) Sign a 3rd line C (Belanger for sake of argument), resign Carcillo, keep Gagne.


2) Try to roll 3 scoring lines with players that might have some scoring touch.

Zherdev-Richards-Tanguay (just a hypothetical, he signed for 1.7)

Basically, in the first scenario, we stack the top-6, have a 3rd line that could potentially chip in a bit, and a good 4th. Second scenario, we essentially try to win every game 5-4. Both are strategies, I personally think the 2nd one would be foolhardy, but we've apparently committed to the 3 scoring line strategy.

But instead, we've jumped off of WTF Mountain. We are somehow going to keep the Briere line (which I disagree with), while drastically downgrading our 4th line (which I disagree with), while probably putting one of our best ES guys (Richards) with 1 guy who can't play offense and 1 guy who refuses to play defense.

In and of itself, I like the Carcillo signing, but considering we're going to be rolling 3 scoring lines (which I disagree with), it's sheer idiocy to have 4 (and possibly 5) players in your top-6 who are non-factors offensively.

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