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07-13-2010, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by OpenWheel View Post
I don't blame Erat. I've never blamed Erat. I think it's a bit silly to blame Erat.

That was a coaching staff, and team, loss. As soon as they brought out the powerplay unit, the movie doom doom doom music began playing in my head. I was angry when I saw that. (As much as I praise Jason Arnott's incredible hustling defensive game...) I don't even like the strategy they were told either.

Sure, the players need to get it done. Erat made an error. From then on the team and defense made bigger errors. But I've seen Trotz talk about it three times. Each time he blames the players for not doing anything the coaches told them. ("Keep it low". Wow, there's a sophisticated strategy.) It's not like Trotz. I wish he'd either shut up or shoulder the blame. That's what leaders do. And he really deserves the lion's share of the blame as he had a poor strategy and a poor choice of personnel.

Sometimes #### happens. And we didn't win game six anyway. But in this game, I would say the uncovered back side of the net, allowing a man to sneak in there, was just as big as anything Erat did at the far end. And the coaching choices started the mess and were the big problem. Putting a powerplay unit out when in reality it was much more like a penalty kill situation while up a man, lol. And the strategy should have been similar to a penalty kill situation with the massive (almost unbeatable...) advantage of up a man instead of down one. Unbelievable crash and burn, and it was as much coaching as anything.
So In part I Agree with you that the coaching is partly to blame, but Erat is also at fault. With seconds remaining and possesion is all yours you don't commit unforced eat the puck, rag it, turn back, stay behind the net and protect it as long as possible. It was a cgame of keep away at that point and Marty went with the give away.

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