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07-13-2010, 03:48 PM
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My daddy took me. Yes at that point he was my daddy.
We had season seats about 2 rows up off the glass right on the blue line & even tho I can't really remember specific games anymore, I remember specific goals & fights & I remember most of all, (which I may have posted on here before)

but I'll never forget back when I was a tyke & it was Modano's rookie season, after the game, my dad told me to go over by the tunnel entrance and stick my hand out. I remember getting a few high 5's but I was most excited for Mo to come off the ice, as he did he had his head down and walked past me & I remember a flash of big disapointment but just then he stopped, backed up a step & gave me a big high 5! I remember I was so stoked! I went running back to my day yelling "DAD! Mike Modano gave me a high 5!!! DAD DAD! he gave me a high 5!!" I remember I smiled the whole way home & I was so excited to tell my mom! haha

I also remember that my dad bought me a North Stars pennent on my way out and here's the cool part... My mom had recently sent me a box of my old stuff & it in was some of my old North Stars souvineers, in it was the pennant my dad had gotten me that game. On the back was written (in my mom's hand writting):

"November 4th, 1989 North Stars vs. Blackhawks, North Stars won 3 to 0. Brandon got a high 5 from his favorite player Mike Modano"

wow, that actually just made me really sentimental... I need to call my mom & tell her she rocks! haha

All of this & more is why I think it would be soooo cool to get Modano back to Minnesota for just one season... Something about the thought of Mikey coming back to Minny just makes me smile... I really hope it happens...

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