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07-13-2010, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Samkow View Post
You're the one adding the part about him getting paid more then Russell. (Although I also do enjoy putting words in people's mouths).

I posted that to show that Stralman isn't some Hitch-hater who is Andy Delmore: Redux.
Speaking of putting word's in people's mouths, perhaps you should show me where I, the person you responded to, said anything to that effect?

Me: Now some people are talking about giving Stralman $2 million plus based on one season in which he was a -17?!
You: Plus/Minus doesn't do these guys justice. Here's a better measure...
Me: ...which shows Stralman as no better than the guy getting paid $1.3 million.

I really don't care how we arrive at the point, it remains the same--Anton Stralman isn't worth $2 million.

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