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use your stick like a steering wheel. when you turn lead with your stick and your hips. SHIFT your weight. learn your edges.
sounds like you are heavy on your ankles. skate more on the front balls of your feet.dont dig into the ice. stay on top of it.

skate the circles. if you shoot right ...when you turn left keep your stick in the center holding it only with the top hand.(and vice versa)do the faceoff circle and keep your stick in the center like a spoke. one hand on the stick keep it touching the dot and stay on the cirlce go as fast as you can. crossovers with a good one circle then go to the next but go in the opposite direction to use your other edges.
LEAN into those turns and use your edges.
after that get a cone(or use a faceoff dot) and just circle it as tight as you can. just pushing with your outer foot and turning with your inner foot. do this a few times in one direction, and then a few in the other direction. this will also help you to learn your edges.

are your knees bent?GET LOW. lead with your shoulders and hips into the turn. when you turn you should almost be able to rest your inside elbow on your thigh .yes you can get that low. extend your outside leg . (you are now shifting your weight) this is exagerrated i know, but you should see what i mean if you do this during practice.
and again make sure whoever is doing your skates knows what hes doing.

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