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04-04-2005, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire
Yep. That's my biggest problem with Andy Murray-not every player is a round peg. Sometimes, you've got to play to a players strenghts.
Sometimes. But IMO you don't do it with a 20 yr old rookie...unless that is one amazing rookie. Even with young stars, it's often better to pound out some of those corners on that square peg to make it alot rounder. That's what the B's did with Thornton his first couple years and the Lighting mistakenly DIDN'T do with Lecavalier until, what, his fourth year.

But how can you complain about AM not playing to a player's strength? Has he not done that when he's had the players to? Palffy, Allison, Deadmarsh, Murray, Stumpel, Smoke, Blake, Visnovsky, Modry, Belanger, Lappy...who has he not played to his strength? Yes, there are kids who he hasn't played to their strengths but c' don't think kids should come into the league and not have to learn how to play a well-rounded game, do you? MANY players come in playing in the bottom six and WORK THEIR WAY UP to the top six. And they don't get PP time until they've rounded out their games.

I just don't understand this criticism.

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