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Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
Professional athlete, hurt short term, break evenish long term

High School athlete, break even, help...maybe

Obviously if you were overweight or out of shape it would help, but if already good in endurance probably not
Somewhere between the two.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I have a couple teammates that do triathlons...they've been training like mad and both have gotten MUCH better in terms of balance and strength on ice. Their conditioning is phenomenal too, never out of breath.

Of course, my overweight, huffing and puffing ass still scores twice as many points as the two of them put together, so you should still probably work on your shooting, stickhandling, and skating. They skate well but neither have gotten any faster at all, and of course it didn't impact their shooting or puck handling.
Good to know - I only know former teammates who have done marathons and it didn't seem to help that much. I'm hoping all the biking and swimming will definitely help out more, but we'll see.

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