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Originally Posted by roki View Post
Thanks, I was axpected a bit more money for the players of lower leagues(sphl, chl/ihl..). So, average players have maybe 2000-2500$ per month. It is a lower than average salary in America. So, why they playing hockey when there is no money in lower leagues, are they have a time to work a regular job and playing hockey or just they play hockey..

Please, can somebody rang the leagues by the QUALITY-not on salary.(including all leagues, pro, amateur, Ncaa, Cis, junior..).I would like to know at least 10 level of leagues..


It's difficult to just rank them in a list by talent. There are so many differences between the leagues that you aren't really comparing apples for apples. The ECHL for example is made up of younger players mostly on a track upward. There is a maximum # of veteren players that they can have on their rosters. The CHL is where many ECHL vets go because there is no room for them in the ECHL anymore. They can still play and would do very well in the ECHL if they played head to head.

I would rank them by their importance to the NHL (farm teams, drafting pools, etc...) and not by talent if they were to play each other:

#1 NHL

#2 AHL AAA Level NHL affiliated

#3 ECHL AA level NHL affiliated (teams have 3 or 4 NHL prospects sent there for more playing time than they would get at the AHL level)

#4-#6 Canadian Major Juniors (I put them together because people differ on which one is better) #1 drafting pool for the NHL

#7 U.S. College #2 drafting pool for the NHL

#8 CHL/IHL Very few guys with any NHL/AHL ties.

#9 USHL Up and coming U.S. Junior League. (I believe only 2 or 3 players have advanced to the NHL but the league is growing)

There are some other minor pro leagues like the SPHL, LNAH, and FHL but they really are just a place to play if you don't want to get a real job.
You can also go all through the different junior leagues but they are just kids trying to attract the attention of higher leagues.

As for your other question. The salaries for the AA minor players is only for a job that lasts 6-7 months and their housing is paid for. Most of the guys that I know of in the ECHL at least have summer jobs if they need them. Some I know sell insurance, work at golf courses and one I know has a landscape company which is mostly a summertime gig. They love to play and can still pay the bills so they keep going.

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