Thread: Confirmed with Link: Flyers re-sign David Laliberte
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07-14-2010, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by claude boivin lives View Post
While we're on the topic of things we don't completely exactly does your salary work if you're on a 2-way and get called up? Whether it's just once for a few games, or whether you get bounced back and forth throughout the does it work? I mean...does any time you spend in the NHL get you your NHL salary? For instance, in the case of Laliberte, whose AHL salary is $50,000 and NHL salary is $550,000...if he gets called up to the Flyers for let's say 7 games, do they average out his NHL salary for those games? If so, he'd make $50,000 right there. So, could Laliberte in fact basically make what he's set to make in 82 games with the Phantoms by playing just 7 games with the Flyers? Or in other words, basically double his salary for the year by getting in those 7 Flyers games? If that's how it works, imagine how ****ing excited you would be to get called up for that reason alone, haha.

Another thing that has always struck me as being pretty crazy about the whole AHL/NHL pay scale difference, is how difficult it must be to be a fringe NHL player and deal with the gigantic pay difference between you and players that are just slightly better than you. Take a guy like Jared Ross for instance...been battling it out for years to try and cut it in the NHL, probably making around 50k per year or something, and then there are these guys jussst above him that he gets called up to play with every once in a while that are making ****ing millions. Mentally...that has to be extremely hard to deal with. Surely motivating in a sense, but still, it just has to be ****ing tough to handle.
My guess is days on active roster. If he's on the Flyers for 20 days of the year, he'll make 20/365 * NHL Salary + 345/365 * AHL Salary.

As for your second paragraph, I guess they hope that it's a good motivator to get them to perform at their best and continue to improve at all times.

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