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10-01-2003, 09:01 PM
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Just to put the GPS issue to bed - since I've worked with it every day for the last 20 odd years - the idea is moot since the satellite signals cannot be picked up inside a building like the Coliseum formerly known as Skyreach.

Working with two survey grade receivers in tandem with one as a base on a known control point and the other as a rover, you can establish relative accuracies in the 2cm +1ppm range real time in XY and Z. But you still need a few seconds of data to accomplish that AND you need a clear view of the sky. And you need dual frequency receivers that are in the $20000 CDN range for each. And you need a radio link between them.

All for the occasional goal verification?

But as I say, its a moot point.

Wouldn't you rather jaw with the fan of the opposing team sitting next to you in the stands when there is a controversial goal? Way more fun.

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