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07-14-2010, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I really am not a huge fan of fighting, and it is, in part, due to the clownish nature of it in the NHL now with the instigator. 95% of the fights serve zero purpose other than guys just showing off that they're willing to go and justify their roster spot. I mean, Jody Shelley fighting the Boogaards and Orrs of the world has ZERO impact on the game. People that think it does, don't understand what the role of the enforcer was 30 years ago... he didn't go after the other enforcer (necessarily) he went after everyone.

I also agree that the officiating/league need to step up their game if they're going to continue with the instigator. It's fine to say we want to get away from vigilante justice (a reasonable position for the league's office), but then you need to crack down on the jackholes out there.

what happens with the instigator rule is that guys like cooke, hartnell, avery, even the girouxs and richards of the world, will take runs at people and run their mouths. then someone like shelley will say, "hey cooke, if you dont knock it off, im gonna beat the **** outta you"...than godard hears that and says, "hey shelley if you touch, him richards is dead"...then the only way to settle this whole mess of a situation is for the two big guys to eventually throw down

essentially bc of the instigator, cowards like cooke and kaleta can do whatever they want bc they have someone to fight their battles for them

thats why their should be no rule, bc if cooke had to worry about actually owning up and fighting, he never would have hit savard like that...or stick his knee out 5 times a game.....but i digress

do people really think that if there was no need for an "enforcer", that almost every team would have one (even detroit)?? gms and coaches and players all know the importance of these guys, so if you think that you are ahead of the game for pointing out that every gm in the league is wrong and the "enforcer role is dead", you should step back and ask yourself, "do i really know more than all the people who get paid money to make hockey decisions?, or do i not understand the role of these guys bc i never actually played the game at this level?"

im sorry but im really tired of hearing that "the enforcer is on his way out"...there may be a new brand of enforcers so to speak (a much smoother skater than in the past for example), but the enforcer is still a necessary part of a team

if we didnt have fighters on our team, hartnell richards giroux,briere etc wouldnt be as effective, and that is a 100% fact..having someone to protect the stars is a key part of a team, and thats why every team has a guy like shelley

if you want to talk about dollars, then yes we gave shelley 300k too much, but dont question his spot on the roster, bc he will serve a big time purpose...and 300k too much is a far cry from the extra couple million that most of our roster makes..dont take it out on shelley, bc our gm mismanaged the cap so bad and put us in a situation so bad that shelleys extra couple hundred thousand actually hurts us...shelleys cap # is closer to his actual value than just about everyone on our team

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