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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Are you sure those Warriors are actually a 4 lie? A lot of the 4's I've seen were actually 5's...their lies aren't "correct" per se...
Couldn't tell you if it was exactly a 4 lie. However, the lie is noticably lower than any other patterns i've tried which have a 5 lie. I was able to determine this by the location of wear on my blade. Any stick i've used with a 5 lie or higher there was much more wear towards the heel of my blade.. With my Vanek 4 Lie the wear is directly in the middle making my blades last MUCH longer. (the reason I go with Warrior now)

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
But you should check out the Dolomite DD, it should be more durable and similar performance, maybe a little heavier. A two-piece would be the same as the one-piece, and last longer.
Ahh, I loved my two-piece Easton Synthesis when I owned one years ago. I have looked to go with a 2-piece again a few times, but I can never find the blade pattern I want .

I'll definetly look into the Dolo DD when I'm in need of another stick. Might be awhile though haha. (Picked up 2 spynes for a price of 1)

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