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07-14-2010, 03:48 PM
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3-as a forward i've had problems during breakouts when the D-men make an outlet pass to me - i flub the puck trying to catch it, or it bounces around me along the boards over my stick and the other team gets it
Yeah, this happens to me all the time. I keep complaining how nobody passes to me but when they do pass, I can't receive it...
I practice passing at stick and puck sessions but the timing, tempo, direction, everything seems to be different during the game. I play occasionally open hockey with much better players and it always amazes me how easily they can receive even a lousy pass (from me) making me feel like I am a good passer

Maybe my skates are tied too tightly and are preventing me from bending sufficiently to make a tight turn - and I may not be bending my knees enough as I skate????
This may well be your problem. Do you lace your skates all the way up? A guy I skate with laces his skates really tight all the way up. He claims that it adds "stability". But his skating technique is horrible. He skates on almost straight legs. It is a personal preference of course but I need a lot of forward flex so I could bend my knees really deep without discomfort. If I lace my skates just a bit tighter than usual up at the ankle, it just feels awkward. And I always leave the top eyelet unlaced. You just need to experiment. To me, it is not so much the "side" flex but the "forward" flex that matters. Depends on the model/stiffness of your skates, too.

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