Thread: News Article: Jody Shelley a good signing?
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07-14-2010, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post

Fighting is *ing idiotic in the NHL right now, there's, quite literally, no *ing point to it. There USED to be a point to it, but now it's pretty much dead and gone. Sure, sometimes guys fight to jack their team up and whatnot, but the VAST MAJORITY of fights in the NHL are fights between two marginal players and it serves no real purpose. Particularly when you're talking about the Jody Shelleys and Eric Godards of the world...
The instigator has killed things. Without the instigator, an enforcer would still have a role. And, without it, players with skill would drop the gloves a bit more since they'd be taking, most of the time, another skilled guy out of the game.

But now about 80 percent of the time it is sheer theatrics.

Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Meh. The signing is a bit puzzling, but you really can't judge any of these signings/trades until the puck drops. The only move I have any type of problem with is Shelley, but IMO, he has just as much a chance of being a nothing player on the team as he does at being an impact player. I don't mean impact player like PPG or anything like that. I mean impact like leadership, physical play, and dedication. Guess we'll see what goes down in a few months.
Yes, you can judge signings. You can judge cap hits and contract lengths.

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