Thread: News Article: Jody Shelley a good signing?
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07-14-2010, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I stopped reading right about there... cuz it's pretty apparent you haven't watched a NHL game in the last 15 years.

Given that the majority of fights come early on in games off of faceoffs... the little ditty you just told is patently false. And that's before we even begin to address how ridiculous the dialog you just wrote there plays out.

There's an instigator rule. Shelley instigates a fight with Cooke... Flyers go on the PK. Godard instigates a fight with Richards... Penguins go on the PK. So, what happens? The two goons -- whose only justification for a roster spot is their willingness to fight -- fight each other just so they can show everyone that they are, in fact, willing to fight.

Fighting is *ing idiotic in the NHL right now, there's, quite literally, no *ing point to it. There USED to be a point to it, but now it's pretty much dead and gone. Sure, sometimes guys fight to jack their team up and whatnot, but the VAST MAJORITY of fights in the NHL are fights between two marginal players and it serves no real purpose. Particularly when you're talking about the Jody Shelleys and Eric Godards of the world...
first of all my dialogue was obviously just sort of joking way to simulate what happens, but that is the kind of stuff that goes on between the benches....and if a fight happens off a faceoff, its probably bc they talked about it on the benches when they were yapping back and forth....if your insinuating that the majority of fights happen within the first 3 mins of a game, before the players start getting after each other, then its pretty clear that you havent watched a game in 15 years

your penalty summary is you honestly believe that the flyers would let godard jump richards just so they could get a 2 minute powerplay?? or do you even believe that situation would ever go down like that?? your are the kind of guy who never played hockey and yet you know everything bc youve watched alot... you clearly have no idea how much sticking up for your teammates means to these players..your entire post is laughable

hate to be that guy, but ive played hockey at a pro level (not nhl unfortunately for me haha), and im pretty close with a dozen or so nhlers currently, so for you to tell me im wrong is hilarious to me

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