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07-14-2010, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by WineShark View Post
The part that I find the most interesting, is the deal baseballs owners offered the players back in the day, sounds a lot like what is presently in place with the NHL ... UFA's earlier, RFA with club match, total cap on salaries, etc. But that wasn't good enough for the Players Union. Feher canceled the season and the post season over it and displaced a lot of fans. In fact, a life long A's fan until then - I haven't been to a game since. Why? Because hockey was here and I've never looked back on the game since. I just hope Feher isn't going to use the same tactics.
Same here only a Giants fan. The game lost me after that strike. Football would have lost me if not for the DVR. The Stick sucks and the amount of commercialism has killed it on TV for me. I will only watch the Niners and Playoffs. Hockey still has my full attention, however I am starting to get annoyed by some of the commercialization. The digital ads on boards that flicker on TV and to some extent the in play ads are starting to bother me with hockey broadcasts.


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