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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
I am not ignoring! Show us his game logs in the regular season! Show us his playoff game logs! I have posted his entire career many times showing how he has been looked over, but has been good everywhere! Just like when people were talking about ripping the c from richards jersey I am 100% with homer on leighton! He will be a .920 guy on this team. If u r all right, then we are screwed. I tend to think life as a flyer fan is pretty good. But then I was trashed last year for liking the team we had. Even when we made the cup finals it was a stance to be ridiculed....,
Here's the link to his game log from Yahoo: Not sure how accurate that is, but reviewing it, here's what I get:

1. He got yanked in 6 of 31 regular season starts. So just under a quarter of his starts he was so bad he didn't make it through a whole game.
2. He gave up 3 goals or more in 14 of 31 regular season starts. That seems like a lot to me, but maybe my arbitrary cutoff of "3 goals" is too low. He gave up 4 goals or more 7 times (all starts...his two relief appearances he gave up 3 goals each time).

One thing to note: this includes his time in Carolina as well. Missed that at first.

Overall, he's just wildly inconsistent. He'd go 5 or 6 games giving up 2 goals or less, then meltdown and have a horrific game or two. And the horrific games he had weren't against stellar competition. He gave up 4 or more goals against Boston, Florida, Toronto, and Pittsburgh (also against Buffalo, Minnesota, and Philly when he was with the Canes). Outside of Pittsburgh and the Flyers, not exactly stacked offensive teams.

Additional things I noticed: this was the most games he'd started in the NHL since the 2003-2004 season, when he started 33 (career high). That's worrying. Last season he started 31 games total (27 for the Flyers, I believe), and the season prior he started 14. Now we're expecting him to start 40+ games? This seems like a recipe for disaster to me, or at least injury.

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