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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
Well the stat was not put there to compare Price to Halak. I don't get what the obesssion is to compare them both when the person you are responding to isn't comparing. I just really don't think Price played as bad as people made it out to be, he just didn't play as good as Halak. Like after the olympic break, Price played 5 games, but had only win, yet his stats were spectacular, small sample size, but that's just how his season went.

Price was unlucky many times, others he lost his concentration, but there we many games like the Colorado game earlier where every shot had a weird bounce and went, like the one where Spacek was 3 feet away from the net horizontally, yet the puck still managed to hit Spacek and go in. Or the Carolina game where Hamrlik dove on a two on one to put the puck in his own net, or the one where Mara slashed price across the neck. There's just too many of these to just call it his fault.
It's not about "comparing" head-to-head necessarily, nor assigning "blame". It's about "context", and let's face it: it's fairly obvious that many posters around here are much, MUCH more familiar with the Canadiens than the rest of the league. So, it's easiest (and ideally most effective) to keep the reference frame constant (in this case: tending goal for the team with which the majority is more familiar).

And there weren't "many" games where "every shot was a weird bounce"... hardly any, in fact. I remember laughing when someone mentioned going back and counting all the "fluke" goals against Price. I was thinking the same thing now that I was then: what about the other 1000+ shots that "should" have been "routine", and how many of those goals does he ACTUALLY have versus Halak? 5 to 1? 10 to 3? 20 to 9?

I've never said Price had a poor season (like you said: just not as good as Halak), but it's funny that those who say he did talk about confidence, watching him play and letting in soft/untimely goals, while those who say he didn't point to the fact that his stats weren't that bad. Seems like the flip side of how it's being argued here with all the talk of not trusting stats, etc.

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