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07-15-2010, 11:21 AM
Renneys Revenge
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Gloves or Stick?

I realize that this is probably going to be more a matter of opinion than fact, but I am still interested to hear what people with more experience have to say.
I just started playing hockey last fall, and went with more or less all used equipment. I picked up a couple cheap wooden sticks from Dick's (gift certificate) and they have served me pretty well.
Now that I have some more experience (and some cash!) under my belt I am looking to switch to a composite stick, most likely a 2 piece. I also would like to pick up some new gloves as mine are worn through in the thumbs and now the palms. They are not impossible to play with but they are only getting worse.
As far as price goes, I only have enough for one or the other- so what do you guys suggest I go for first? I am playing in a summer league so either will be used right away.

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