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Originally Posted by Scotty hates Sergei View Post
Plyometrics and speed lifts are a good idea, but your power and speed will only improve as much as your strength does.

Basically, you have 3 ways of producing muscle tension:

Dynamic effort (submaximal resistance as fast as possible), repetition method (bodybuilding method) and maximal effort method (pure strength).

For strength: Squats, deadlifts and good mornings. What's a good weight to reach for? 400lbs squat and 450lbs deadlift if you're not a high level player. 600lbs squat if you are.

Good repetition exercises: Glute ham raises (essential), reverse hypers, gymnastic type mouvements for abs, weighted sit ups on back raise machine (weight BEHIND the head), good mornings, side bends, back raises.

Speed: sprints, long jumps, box jumps, box squats. Feet drills are a good idea.

You will become more explosive and faster doing this.
When you say 400lb to 600lb squat, do you mean in a set consisting of 1-2 reps?

I'm doing the basic 3x10 sets of everything right now, and will switch to 5x5 when I feel that I have a stronger base established.

I've never really played with the idea of 1-2 rep sets (I have done 3x3 before) because I have some ligament and cartilage damage that I don't want to put undue stress upon.

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