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07-15-2010, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by turcotte8 View Post
I'm sure he would like his teams to win, but he doesn't do anything to facilitate it.
If he thinks Sather is doing a good job then he doesn't pay attention to the team and the league so it must not be that important to him.
maybe in his eyes he thinks hes doing all he can..Rangers spent record $$$$$ on payroll for what....7 years?...every player that comes here raves about the way they are treated. He doesnt have the same opinion of Sather that most have ...doesnt mean he doesnt want to win. I just think its a silly argument to say the owner of a team doesnt want to win. It would make sense if the Rangers were cheap and had crap facilities for their players...but the opposite is true...they spare no expense when it comes to the way they treat their players....and spent top dollar to get people like Gordie in here to fix this mess.

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