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07-15-2010, 04:07 PM
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When the team had it's Skate of the Union, there was a comment about the owners solidifying the ownership and it was blown off. I sat in my seat and when I saw the Twitter post from Forechecker and I was "HOLY ****!" This was a MAJOR point and the biggest news for the team at the event. THAT was the big news of the event. With this move the Predators have taken another point of weakness away from the team. As much as Freeman was pivotal in keeping the team here, his lack of liquid assets was a weakness and he had to be the sacrificial lamb. Now the Preds have taken another weakness out with Boot's shares in Bankruptcy and they took a page out of Poile's book and appear to be buying them at a discount. The agreement was for $25 million. How much of a discount will it be?

This is another pivotal point for the Nashville Predators. With this move, the team becomes 100% locally owned.

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