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Originally Posted by NYRSinceBirth View Post
I always thought cages were no big deal, coming from football cages, hockey cages look tiny. Then I skated in a half shield. Holy crap, what a difference. I hate the feeling of the chin cup so my cage is always loose, but I hadn't realized how much that hinders your peripheral vision. Also, cages are so heavy (OK, not really, but after the half shield, they are bricks).
100% agree. I just played my first full game Tuesday with a half-shield visor. The difference is absolutely huge between a cage and the visor. The light weight feel, the clear vision, and lack of a chin cup...

I did however get high sticked to the visor, right infront of my eye. So at least I know it works as advertised... haha

I looked at a combo-cage, and it just didn't make sense. If you don't like the bars but want full protection, get a fishbowl.

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