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Here are some protips for the newbies: If you're playing with a particulary immobile defensemen as a winger, try anchoring your butt along the boards just above the hash marks with your outside skate (the one closest to the neutral zone) against the boards pointing towards the centre ice faceoff dot. This will give him an easy pass option.

If he's in danger he can just slap the puck up the boards toward your side... it will bounce off your skate and come right in front of you, allowing you to take the time to make the easy pass to your centre, who should be somewhere between your blue line and centre ice by now.

Receiving passes can be particularly tricky for new players as well. Practice your pass receiving skills in isolation, just standing around and receiving passes from a partner. Have him pass it on your forehand, on your backhand, and between your skates. To add difficulty, try one-touching the puck back to him... again, on your forehand and backhand. For even more difficulty, try saucer passing on both the backhand and forehand too.

When you're ready, start adding motion into the passing. Skate down the ice parallel to each other in a straight line but staggered. The passer should always be passing *up* the ice to the recipient. That means that when the recipient gets the pass, the passer should take a few quick strides. Ultimately, you want to try and get as many passes in one skate down the ice as possible. To master this, you need to be able to send/receive passes perfectly, and also learn how to make a pass and get going (instead of watching your not-so-pretty pass). When you make a pass in game it's important to track the puck without going into la-la-land and freezing up while watching the puck flutter to your teammate. This will slow you down and keep you from being in optimal position in a regular league, and will definitely lead to you getting your clock cleaned in a contact league.

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