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10-01-2003, 11:58 PM
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cummins is protected simply b/c if the avs like a forward, they can unprotect jim and remain confident that he will be passed over by other teams...

some guys that interest me, quite truly are:

i. novoseltsev - not likely, but an eyebrow raiser
j. bednar - interesting yes, but not likely
b. muckalt - this is a guy i'd like on the avs.. gives depth and quality for bottom lines

m. timander - also a guy i'd like if not for million +
r. petrovicky - same boat as muckalt to lesser extent
s. heins - same as novoseltsev/bednar
j. langfeld - personally i like him, generally disregard this :p
n. tselios - depends on how much promise you still think he has
t. harvey - same as muckalt, however a tad expensive, too bad
s. keefe - a guy i would take in an instant if he's around at the avs pick.. he'd be an awesome addition IMHO
t. bouck - personal fav again, disregard
t. whitfield - same as bouck

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