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07-15-2010, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Chief View Post
I realize making headlines in the summer hasn't equalled Ranger success in the past but can anyone remember a less exciting summer for the Rangers?

Let's see what Slats has done:

1) Signed a backup goalie.
2) Re-signed a player the team picked up off waivers.
3) Re-signed an aging player who had his contract bought out prior to last season.
4) Traded for a 7th defenseman, who'd been on 5 teams in the last 4 seasons.
5) Signed a UFA enforcer to a 4 yr. deal at bigger money than he spent on Brashear and Voros and more than Shelley got.
6) Signed a Norwegian "Hobbit" for secondary scoring.


Lets's hope there's some substantial move before October that actually betters this team in a meaningful way.

*BTW - I do realize most of those moves make sense...and locking up Girardi and getting Staal locked up are important moves...but for anyone looking for some hope after the bitter taste of last season, well, that list doesn't so it for me...I can't believe we're going to go into another season without an adequate top line Center or at least one more proven scorer on the wing.

And it's arguably the best offseason we've had in a while. The biggest problem with this organization is fans who think like you and have zero patience. I'm sure you're the same type of fan who complains towards the end of the season when they try and make the playoffs instead of losing and getting a top 5 pick. This organization can't win with its fan base.

They finally seem committed to doing things the way they're supposed to. It might not equal success next year, but why try and make more moves to improve on mediocrity if they're going to hurt the future?

If you realize most of these moves make sense, what is your point?

You can't believe we're going into this season without a top line center or another top winger, but what would you have done?

People love to act like if they were GM every team would make every deal they want. It doesn't work that way.

We haven't sacrificed our youth or our future and we're coming back with a similar and more experienced team that was a shootout away from the playoffs last year.

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