Thread: News Article: Hunter's working on getting Tinordi
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07-15-2010, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
Dont know how this can apply to a D-man, but i was reading the Kadri thread on the OHL forum, and there was alot of criticism that Hunter is really just building up images of players more then developing them. Example was that he teaches players to play 2+min shifts (basically doesnt teach them the importance of small shifts), puts alot of emphasis on offensive production (Basically doesnt care for give aways and own zone responsabilities).

IMO with the way SK was behaving ( im huge SK fan ), it lets me belive Knights are really a breeding ground for developing potential stars with stats, more then a real developpment.

also i really dont understand what the deal is with the criticism of american hockey system, considering so many americans are being drafted to the NHL. obviously the general concencus is that the american hockey system is floureshing and is prime target for drafting. Not to mention signing un-drafted college players seems to be on the rise.
Good point. For me though it's the amount of games that's the deal-breaker. The NHL schedule (at least I assume because I've never tried myself) is grueling to say the least. Getting used to playing that many games not only would help him prepare for that physical toll but, arguably more importantly, would allow him to adjust and develop as a player quicker. I know playing hockey just for fun you do much better if you play 2-3 games a week instead of 1, type-thing. Just my thoughts anyway.

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