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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
I did break my hand thanks to my old cheap-o gloves (have had the same $50 pair since 2002). I took a puck off of the padded area of the glove and my wrist broke. It was in summer hockey though, off of a slapshot from some farmboy. It was a hard shot though, and I don't know if more expensive gloves would have prevented the injury.
Well, it is likely that that injury may have been avoided with newer gloves, not necessarily more expensive gloves. When you use gloves for an extented period of time they start to become brittle and stiff and aren't quite as effective.... however there is a chance you would have broken your hand anyway.

As for the OP, i would go for a stick, and then grab some cheap gloves. There is really not that much of a difference between the real expensive ones, and the real cheap ones especially at a beginner level.

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