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07-16-2010, 10:21 AM
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This is my 5th year of season tickets. I just upgraded my 2 seats in 330 to 334 Row O (dead center top row). There were other seats available in the 300s center, so I assume others will upgrade. Based on this I would guess there will be at least some 300 seats for new subscribers, but not a lot.

And I am dreading this renovation based on the soulless shell that New Yankee Stadium is. I also am not excited about only having 2 bowls. If not for this renovation, top row of the 300s center ice would have been my seats for life.

Has there been anything written about how pricing is going to be differentiated within the Bowls. I assume since there is a $40/ticket difference for crossing the aisle from 300s to 200s there will just be an arbitrary point of differentiation instead of a clearly marked one.

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