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04-05-2005, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by David A. Rainer
Giving reason why I was recusing myself.

Further, the reason I am apprehensive about these threads is it opens the door to "Mother Teresa just died (I realized she's already dead, just using it as illustration) and we need a thread", "Nelson Mandela just died and we need a thread", "Joe Blow just died and we need a thread". (i.) This is a hockey, and loosely other sports, forum; and (ii.) The Lounge Thread was created specifically for topics of this nature. But knowing that I am agnostic, I did not think I could make a proper decision regarding this thread so I had to recuse. I apologize if you don't understand that.
Personally, I prefer many little threads that I can ignore rather than the lounge thread. I won't read it because there's too many posts in there and it would take me days to catch up on the conversation. Plus, lounge threads also start to be like lounges, big, noisy, and no direction. We get off topic enough in threads to begin with (see Brian Boyle, A prayer for a man who was one of us), we don't need an entire thread for getting off topic. Seeing as how there's only about 20 people who post here, having a brief memorial for somebody as momentous as JP2 isn't going to change a whole lot IMO. Then again, that's why I don't have supreme executive power.

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