Thread: Proposal: Carter and Coburn to LA
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07-16-2010, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
We already didn't need the turnover we've had. We've added 5 players, of which only 1 addressed a real need (3rd pairing defender). Why not keep going? Holmgren makes moves for the sake of making moves. The trade proposal is obviously ridiculous, but let's not act like he wouldn't pull the trigger on more deals if he thinks it makes sense.

2 years ago I actually did a study of NHL playoff teams and cup winning teams and with FEW exceptions, teams that had 25% or more turnover in their lineup from one year to the next didn't make the playoffs and I think only ONE made it to the finals (I did an analysis over a 10 year span of playoff teams). Teams that retained less than 75% of their opening day roster from the previous year ususally did not make the playoffs that season.

I looked at other sports too and found that in football the number was around 70% retained, basketball was slightly higher than the 75% and I didn't do baseball since so few teams by comparison make the playoffs anyways (at least as compared to the other 3 sports).

This means that if we want to get back into the playoffs next season and have a chance at winning the cup, then we really shouldn't be changing more than 5 players off a 22 man starting lineup from last opening day.

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