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Originally Posted by slovakiasnextone View Post
I think that Lev will play in Poprad in 2010/2011, however it is exaggarated to say that Slovakia has a KHL club. As soon as Lev manages to finally bribe ČSLH (which will probably happen rather sooner than later) they will move to Hradec. I´m not really sure what Lev´s motivation to have KHL right now and not wanting to wait means, stuff like that is usually associated with having to get rid off dirty money in these parts of the world. They will get absolutely nothing from the revenues even if each game is sold out as they claimed that the tickets should be around the same price as HK Poprad tickets are, which is basically nothing.

HK Poprad should work normally well at least as normal as it´s typycal for them. The people who used to go to their games will continue to go there- meaning especially locals from Poprad.

Anyway, as for what kind of players they will get, it doesn´t really matter as at leats 80% of the "home" crowd will come to watch the opponents anyway- many of them will come from other localities nearby (just as it is typycal for the majority of hockey fans from Eastern Slovakia to go to a hockey game in Košice here and there).

Once the team is moved to Hradec everything will return to the old ways, even though many of the home fans won´t be too happy about it because they would like this to be an opprtunity to get rid of the people who´ve been ruining hockey in Poprad for years as they say.

Though one thing that wasn´t pointed out is that the rink in Poprad is actuall NHL sized, so far I´ve only had the opportunity to see KHL on TV, but in the majority of the games the players were doing loads of fancy stuff (sometimes way too much) and I´m not really sure what the KHL will bring on the small surface.

cska, I doubt that it would be true with those rumours that they would actually play in Hradec , first of all I believe that Hradec will want to seek ČSLH allowing them to play in Hradec one day in the future, but even more so I doubt that the KHL would want to go against ČSLH and that the KHL would juts not allow the games played in Hradec.

Personally, I don´t like this, for one thing I would be much rather if Slovak teams joined a possible future European league with the Swedes, Finns, Germans, Swiss, Czechs etc. rather than the KHL and before any such decision I believe it should be more of a natural developemnt rather than this, which is pretty much all just "artificial".
In my opinion that European league is useless, because it could never compete against NHL. KHL can do it someday in the future.

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